Check out why I love crochet

My love for crochet started in my early 30’s. My neighbor did the most beautiful work and I knew I wanted to crochet too. She was a lovely lady from Mexico and spoke very limited English.
She gave me yarn and a hook and showed me how to make the stitches. If i did it wrong she just pulled it out and shook her head no! After several weeks i was crocheting, now i had to figure out how to read a pattern. So, i bought a crochet book and by trail and error I figured it out. No internet than to help me.
In my youth my Mom would make doilies. Beautiful pineapple designs ones. She would starch it and display it on the coffee table.
My main love is crocheting for my grand babies. Making hats, blankets and dresses, you name it!
I also, like to crochet different items like purses, dish cloths, kitchen towel sets and much more.
I hope this blog will inspire you to get out the yarn and try. It is a great way to relax and get rid of the stress. Some people use crochet as a therapy It is all things to me.
I will be including tips, patterns, links to tutorials also.
Now it is your turn-share how you started crocheting.

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