Crochet Hooks -Types of hooks

Confused about which hooks to use? Here are some great tips about the different hooks.
What works well for one person may not for someone with a different crocheting style.
There are a lot out there to decide on. Before buying a set, try just one hook to see how you like it.
Crochet hooks made and sold in the USA use a lettering system for their sizes. As the letter gets further into the alphabet, the hook gets larger. These sizes vary from the 2.25 mm  to  size Q.  

Types of Crochet Hooks
Steel are for the smallest sizes and are often used in fine thread crochet such as in doilies.
Aluminum are available a large range of sizes. Aluminum hooks allow you to crochet smoothly and quickly.
Plastic are available in all the common sizes as well as jumbo hooks. They are very large and are usually made of hollow plastic, because it is lightweight.
Bamboo are lightweight and warm in the hand and are available in all but the smallest and jumbo sizes.
Ergonomic have larger soft handles or handles you can insert a regular hook into. They are designed to reduce the strain in your hands.
Popular Brands-I use Boyle with the soft handles. I do have a bag full of other brands too!
Here are a few favorite brands.



Susan Bates

What hooks have you tried?  Which ones do you like and dislike?


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